Our First Step: PRA-dah-dah-dah Dah-DAH-DAH-DAH!

Well, hello there, you — Here we are stepping out together, into this blogosphere, for the first time  —

And — who might you be?

What a strange deal this feels like, connecting with you like this, and with a whole new world of friends known and as yet unknown.

Well who are we, for a start.  I am a drummer in a community clustered around our love for West African drumming and dancing.  We live in Arkansas, tucked into the northwest corner of the state, folded into the lovely Ozark hills —

And we are so lucky to have in our midst a true son of Africa, Kouakou Yao “Angelo.”  Through Angelo, we rock out to the beat of Mama Africa  — and if you’re already a friend, you’ve felt just how joyful and energizing the experience is.

Angelo has been here with us for just over six years.  In that time, I’ve noticed how so many have come and gone since then.  Along with this brand-new blog, we’re also on the brink of opening up our brand-new website.  And as I was reviewing the material for it, I was amazed to see how many people have drummed and danced with us in the time Angelo’s been here.  Children have been born, or welcomed into our community in other ways.  Our drummers and dancers have come and gone, moved away; new people have arrived —

And the beat goes on.

So — here we are at one more new beginning.  I’m excited to see who shows up.  Hello. . . . and won’t you join us?

Angelo teaches in Fayetteville at the Whole Earth Lounge, Mondays — Drum class at 6:00, dance class at 7:00 —

And in Eureka Springs at the Enthios Studio, Thursdays — Drum class at 5:30, dance class at 7:00 —

Or if you’re a wild-child drum-circle type, Angelo leads a community drum circle in Eureka Springs, first Saturday of every month weather permitting, Basin Park, 6:00 —

Y’all come.  See you there — or here!

Anita Schnee, drummer

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3 Responses to Our First Step: PRA-dah-dah-dah Dah-DAH-DAH-DAH!

  1. Jo Ann Kaminsky says:

    I am excited about this as another way we can keep int touch and spread the word about African Dance and Drum!

  2. Dennis Nelms says:

    Over the years I have had the opportunity to drum with many instructors. Angelo is by far the easiest to learn from. His relaxed style makes it easy for anybody at any level to learn from the very basics to the most complex rhythms. He makes drumming enjoyable for all the people that he plays with. Northwest Arkansas is blessed to have such an accomplished musician that is willing to share his traditions.

  3. darlene darlenYa says:

    What a blessing it was for me to study with Angelo for 4 winters. West African dance became my most favorite thing in the world to do. When i found that i could do this style of dance to so many types of music i went crazy! Blues, Funk, Swing, Disco … even when i see dancers now i can tell what moves they’re doing that originated in Africa – the Mother Land. My body misses it – almost as much as i do. I just hope i can nurture a community wherever i land that will share the same enthusiasm as i do – then we can invite Angelo and Afriqueaya to come and share their majic with us. Be certain that if i’m back in the area you all will see me at class!

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