Darlene’s Pic

And now — word reaches us from our dear Darlene, who’s goodness knows where at the moment and who says now she’s off to Europe. . .

And she sends this lovely picture of a few of us who showed up a while back for Fayetteville drum n dance class.

Just looking at it — what I was saying about how we miss those of us who’ve flown the coop.  There’s Margot — sniff — now doing her graduate work in Eugene.  There’s Darlene — sniff — who knows where.  There’s Cindy — teaching, at the time when she SHOULD be with us!  There’s Donovan, others — where are you now!

What I was saying!  So — how bout we just enjoy the heck out of each other while we’re together!

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One Response to Darlene’s Pic

  1. Anita Schnee says:

    Check out all the wonderful things Darlene says, in her comment to our first post — Darleenee! We miss you so much!

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