West African Drum & Dance Class At Whole Earth Lounge, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Look at this sweet pic of some of us at Monday night drum and dance class.  We meet at the Whole Earth Lounge, in Fayetteville, drum class at 6:00 and dance class at 7:00 — Come join us!  Call JoAnn to make sure we’re meeting.  479.283.2449

At night Whole Earth is a club setting us right downtown, with a nice hip feel to the place, hosted by exceptionally cool Bill and Judy —

And if any of you are in town for lunch, man, this place is FANTASTIC.  Delicious and amazingly affordable vegan food —

Plus their roster of classes and events is neat, too.  What a wonderful addition to our community.  Check them out at


We’re glad to be there.

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