First Christian Church Rocked!

In honor of Congo Awareness Week –

In honor of a local family who’s in the process of adopting a Congolese daughter –

In honor of a Congolese student now at the University of Arkansas –

To raise funds for a hospital in Congo –

The good, wonderful, generous folks at Fayetteville First Christian Church asked Angelo to entertain at a banquet last night.  Jenny and kids, Ochido from Kenya, JoAnn Kaminsky, and I showed up.  We were wondering what it was going to be like, with it having been suggested that dancing might not quite be on the menu. . . .

Well!  Did that ever turn out not to be true!  What a blast!  First the kids – of course.  Then more and more grown-ups, until a real African-style circle formed with everybody taking their solo in the center.  By the time we finished, the whole hall formed a “Congo” (our version of conga) line and made several circuits around the social hall.  Everybody was on their feet.

And we couldn’t get away to sit down and eat!  Everybody wanted to talk!

But – the food.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Miles of it!  I kept looking around for the Africans who’d cooked it all – dish after dish of what sure looked like the real thing to me –

And when I finally did sit down to eat, well, I wanna tell you – it was not necessary to go to Africa!  Wow!  Turns out, people in the congregation just picked up recipes and made it all.  And it was completely stone fabulous.

So, really, this is what it’s all about for me.  Meeting and celebrating with a whole new crowd of people who we’d been told might not want to dance – who can dance and did dance, and who fed us like kings and queens – And who are raising money to send back to Africa.

Wonderful people, a wonderful time.  I wish you all could have been there.

— Anita

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1 Response to First Christian Church Rocked!

  1. Jo Ann Kaminsky says:

    I was there, too and it was a great time. I have been lucky enough to go to Africa with Angelo two times and the food was so good, it really did remind me of our African trips.
    We were thoroughly welcomed and I saw lots of smiles all through the show. Angelo led a little dance class and the kids picked up on the moves right off. One boy in particular was remembering everything he was taught and danced away. there was plenty of time for free dance also. It was a joyous occasion and I was happy to be there, drummming as fast as I can.

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