Miyuki Says Hi; Connects With African Drum and Dance in Louisville

Friends, Miyuki sends word, and these beautiful pics, from her new home in Louisville.

She says Khiba’s going to be six months old by now!  And that her parents are visiting from Japan, and Likoebe’s parents will be with them over the Christmas holidays.

She has already seen – in Louisville! – the fire-eater- and Tall Mask guy Moha Dosso – you may remember him from our own Africa in the Ozarks.

And she’s seen drummer Yaya Diallo, who organizes trips to, and social development projects in, Mali.  She writes that she also saw a performance by the Kyenne Drum Ensemble – she said they performed rhythms and dance we know, like Sonsone and Bolowi!  She says:  “Wow these guys can sing, play solo drum, and play flute as well.  Their performance had a guest dancer/drummer from Cincinnati. His name is Hamidou. He knows Sogbety.”  She writes that she thought of us, and that we would have enjoyed these performances very much.

See the links she sent, below.  The “bellarmine” one is a really wonderful article on Mr. Diallo, starting at page 22.

So – as sad as we are to be missing her, it sounds like she has found Louisville a most comfortable and happy fit for her and her family.  She says she loves keeping up with our blog – so please leave a comment for her to see.


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