?? AfroPop Dance Night ??

We want to know: How many of you in Northwest Arkansas (and OK and MO and TX and anywhere else) would come out for a DJ’d dance party featuring the latest and greatest rock-n-roll coming out Africa these days? Here’s what we’re hoping to achieve, in dreaming of such an event:

1. Dance til we drop.

2. Connect with everybody and anybody in Northwest Arkansas and region who knows, or wants to know, how fabulous and insanely brilliant is the music that’s coming out of Africa, today tomorrow and always.

3. Honor, celebrate, and rock-out the awesome spirit we find in that tremendous diverse continent.

4. Hang with everybody and anybody here who’s of like mind, heart, and soul.




What do you say? We’re thinking about this, looking for a venue — but we need to know whether you and your friends would be with us.

Yes? No? Undecided? Please leave a comment so we can see.

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2 Responses to ?? AfroPop Dance Night ??

  1. Renee says:

    I would come out for such an event and I know at least one other person who would be interested, if not more.

  2. afriqueaya says:

    A response from Renee! Terrific! Thank you Renee. Will be great to see you and your at-least-one-other.

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