Movie Corner

Friends, two films you absolutely cannot miss:

“I BRING WHAT I LOVE.”  Youssou N’Dour : : Egypt : : This is so deep – After a career of 30 years, Youssou records this album, with Egyptian musicians – is utterly rejected in his native Senegal as dissing Islam – WINS THE GRAMMY in 2005 – and here we are in 2011, and Egypt stands at the crossroads of history – YOU MUST SEE:  “I Bring What I Love.”  Find it at the Fayetteville library (again FayLibe does it!!) photo Felming Artists

– and –

The other night I got WAR DANCE, nominated in ’07 for an Oscar, also from the Fayetteville Library.  It is amazing the way this film uses image to present material that would otherwise be too painful to take in.  I felt the filmmakers put me in the hands of the Ugandan children.  And, hand in hand, those children led me a little way into the appalling darkness of war.  I got just a taste of it . . . any more than a taste would be unbearable . . . .

And I was primed, by the end, to feel this in my bones:  The camera focused on a young girl, as she began to dance, and I could feel it, I could feel transported into the ecstacy of it, the redemption of it, the pride and beauty of it –

The dignity.

These children have been subjected to unimaginable abuses that no living being should ever have to endure.

Yet they found their beauty, their power, in movement, rhythm, music.  They retrieved themselves.

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