Drum Circle Radio Deluxe

Friends, the first drum circle of the new year is set for 6:00 pm Saturday, March 5th, Basin Park, Eureka Springs.

Y’all come!  Rumor is — sshhhh, you heard it here first — KUAF may come do a piece for OZARKS AT LARGE — so we really need you to swell the crowd.

Below is a photo-essay from the drum circle last September 4th.  These great pics are thanks very much to Kay Smith, of http://omyogapilates.com

If you need an inducement to come March 5th, surely these photos will do it for you?

I myself started out sitting at the computer thinking I’d get a jump on my taxes.  But I opened mail from Kay instead and I found these great pics.  That was the end of the taxes good-intention (can you say pro-cras-ti-nay-shun?).

By the way, Kay has asked Angelo to come to facilitate a drum circle at a yoga retreat in Oklahoma on Saturday, June 11, 2011.  This looks like a truly wonderful event, to take place at a lovely spot in our neighboring state.  Think about coming!  If you want more info, go to Kay’s website above, or to http://greenearthretreat.com

Now to the drum-circle inducement.  Remember.  6:00 Saturday March 5th, Basin Park, downtown Eureka Springs.

P.S.  The guy in the blue jacket is playing a flute.  A flute, guys, a flute.  OK?  This is a family event!

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