Africa In The Ozarks: Pictures

What a day we had, for the Fourth Annual AFRICA IN THE OZARKS.  May 7, 2011, Eureka Springs Arkansas.  Perfect!

Relaxing.  Padma’s little boy, Clarisse from Indiana, Angelo, Jean-Claude from Austin, Eric from Florida, Blaise from Indiana, and Doug Powell’s elbow.

Here’s the drum circle, as it was just beginning.  Later, a huge crowd.  Thundering.

Here’s Cindy and kids.

Padma and family; Amanda.

On the bench:  Clarisse, Dennis, Susan, Jo Ann.

Now it’s time to start thinking about next year.  Mark your calendars!  For our Fifth Annual AFRICA IN THE OZARKS, we’re going for another one of our big extravaganzas.  Thur. May 3 – Sat. May 5th:  Two performances and drum and dance classes throughout the week.  Be there!

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