Fayetteville Classes Resume

Through the amazing good graces of Washington Elementary School, we are so pleased to announce the resumption of our Thursday evening drum and dance classes.


Washington Elementary School.

~*~ Just off College and Lafayette, Fayetteville
~*~ Enter by the south door, just off the basketball court


Thursday Evenings

~*~ 6:00 Drum class (bring your drum)
~*~ 7:00 Dance class (comfy layered clothes)


~*~ Adults:  $10.00 per class / $18.00 for both drum & dance
~*~ Kids (7-16):  $5.00 per class / $9.00 for both drum & dance


This is an amazing, energetic class for kids or adults, and a great opportunity to learn about the music and dance of Africa from a master.

Teacher Kouakou Yao “Angelo” (formerly with Koteba, the premier dance and theatre company of the Ivory Coast) has been a Northwest Arkansas fixture for nearly 10 years. He’s a rare find: an inspiring musician and dancer who is also a generous and patient teacher.  Angelo will gear the class to whoever attends, so break out on your own or bring your family! It’s always a fun time and a great workout.

And . . . .

Where else can you dance to LIVE DRUMS??


Here’s where you turn off College, heading west.  You can just see the school, at the far left.

Come in this door.  The south entrance, just off the basketball court.

Look who dropped in.  Welcome!

The line-up.

With Angelo.

Look what can be done on this nifty rubber-coated floor!  Flying!

James, smiling, helping out with the dust gorillas.  And he can dance with that thing.

Come out, y’all.  We’d love to see you.

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