Way Cool For School : Leverett Elementary

Yesterday we brought AFRICA IN THE OZARKS to students at Leverett Elementary School in Fayetteville.  What a BLAST!!

We owe big kudos to Principal Cheryl Putnam, teacher Karen Bley, the PTO, and ADVENTURE SUBARU for providing the funding, the willingness, and the legwork to bring our fantastic African arts to the kids.  And thanks also go out to our greatly esteemed friends at the ARKANSAS ARTS COUNCIL, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, and the National Endowment for the Arts, for providing matching funds to put this program together.

Arts in schools – what a crucial great thing.

Please, readers, use your imagination to supply the sound and the movement.  These kids were way too much fun.

Here we are as the morning began at Leverett.  Angelo, introducing master drummers Eric BliBi Gore and Jean-Claude Lessou – and our own Dennis Nelms of ADVENTURE SUBARU.

Ms. Bley and Ms. Putnam, concentrating in the background.  And our beautiful dancers mom Cindy, Margot, and Jo Ann.

And here’s a scrapbook of the kids, the kids, the wonderful kids.

Future members of the AFRIQUE AYA DANCE COMPANY.  Future stars of AFRICA IN THE OZARKS.  Stars period!!  Right now!!

Hubble photo courtesy European Space Agency

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