Classes, Concert Move The Mountain

Angelo’s Thursday night drum and dance classes in Fayetteville are taking a summer vacation from Washington Elementary.  Until school opens back up in the fall, we’re meeting in the Mt. Sequoya Auditorium now.

And later in the summer, on August 25th, we will be appearing in a concert to benefit the Mountain.  This is so exciting!  Look at this fabulous line-up:

Angelo and Afrique Aya with . . . .

Calle Soul Salsa Band

Voted Best Latin Band in the 2012 NAMA awards!

This is one fantastic band!!  Get ready to hop!!  Have a listen!

. . . and . . .

a gospel choir . . .

. . . and . . .

bagpipes!  Sure!

Scotland rocks Africa and the Americas!  We are the world!

So let’s get ready for August 25th!  Come on up and shake the Mountain out with us!

Thursday nights
Drum class 6:00
Dance class 7:00

For more info, contact Jo Ann at 479.283.2449, kjo_ann [at] hotmail [dot] com

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2 Responses to Classes, Concert Move The Mountain

  1. Angelo, this is Skewb from Kansas City. I lead the Kansas City Drum Tribe. We have weekly drum circles wih turnouts of around 200. I plan on bringing my crew down so our circles can jam together. There’s a local festival that will steal away most of my drummers on Labor Day weekend, but I would really appreciate developing something for the first saturday of october. I should be able to bring down 2 or 3 sets of dununs and about a dozen djembes.
    I have a concern regarding rain….. Do you know of any location we could use for back-up that would have shelter from the rain? Under a bridge, in a cave, at a community center or church?
    Beyond that, our crew plans on grabbing a couple cheap hotel rooms ($40 for 2 queen beds) on saturday afternoon, heading down to basin park and setting up around 5 pm. We can kick it until someone tells us to stop. We’re quite used to playing for several hours at a time. We are consdering the idea of having another drum circle on sunday from Noon to 4 pm, either at the hotel we’re staying at or somewhere around town.
    As a collective, our style is middle-eastern fusion on the up beat with a traditional “Keita” feel on the low end. We’ve got a couple of hot dog soloists that come over the top with tone-rich djembe support, sticking to traditional rhythm pieces of djagbe, djansa, guinea fare and kuku, etc.
    Our main musical influences are: Fela Kuti, Famodou Konate, Mamady Keita, Toumani Diabete, Femi and Seun Kuti, Gigi and Aster Aweke. We have a violinist who plays with us often, bringing the West Afican and Northern African influences more to the surface.

    Please do me a favor…..Look us up! google Kansas City Drum Tribe, or, go to

    Plans for 2013:
    Midwest Drum Fest……. I have contacts in St. Louis and Colorado Springs and Chicago and Omaha to bring all willing Drum Circles together for an annual event . I think that it would be an amazing opportunity for workshops, contests and perfomances. Would you like to be a part of this?

    You can e-mail me through the Kansas City Drum Tribe Website, or at Better yet……..Call me when you have a few minutes to spare at 816.213.4150.

    Please and Thankyou,

    Scott “Skewb” Person

  2. Beverly says:

    Do you have a schedule of events for 2013? If so KESA radio would be interested in having that list. You can email at Thanks. Beverly……would you be interested in doing a noon show on the radio station?

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