Afrique Aya Rocks Nick Cave At Crystal Bridges

cbridges 027-cropAfrique Aya was honored to be invited to perform at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, around a piece called a “Soundsuit” by Nick Cave, this past Friday.

cbridges 030-cropBen and Angelo and Soundsuit

Nick Cave, originally from Missouri and now working and teaching in Chicago, is an artist who makes moving costumes from found objects.  See a PBS clip about him here.  And another one here.  And another one here.

The Afrique Aya-Nick Cave convergence was such a great idea on the Museum’s part.  Cave’s work is closely related to the African masking tradition.  His art hails in a direct line from the very same traditional masks with which Afrique Aya performs.

cbridges 031-cropAngelo and The Smile

Friday night Angelo danced the Zaouli mask.  Unfortunately our own stand-in photographer’s abilities were too challenged by low light, and lots of movement, to be able to show you one from Friday.  But it was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with this charming mask.  Here’s a picture from a past performance in Africa In The Ozarks 2011.

aoz-zaouliSame story, unfortunately, for any pictures of our wonderful dancers Jenny and Margot, who backed-up Zaouli with costumes and masks worn in past Africa In The Ozarks.  Check out a video of the past Africa In The Ozarks mask performances here.

cbridges 022-cropBen hits it.

Hard to tell the difference, between the traditional and the Cave!

cbridges 016-cropBibeau is ready.

It was a great evening.  The audience was spellbound.

cbridges 026-cropAudience plus one.

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1 Response to Afrique Aya Rocks Nick Cave At Crystal Bridges

  1. Pattie Williams says:

    I loved being a part of those who loved this performance. Spellbound and joyous we were…catching the fantastic spirit!

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