We’re all about African drumming and dancing in Northwest Arkansas.  We take classes from Kouakou Yao “Angelo,” in Fayetteville and Eureka Springs.  Angelo’s dance and drum troupe, AFRIQUE AYA, performs all over the mid-South, in schools, at private celebrations, at church benefits — anywhere anybody needs the lift and the kick that African rhythm and African movement provide.

Step into the great circle of traditional West African drum and dance.  Get in shape.  Find your groove.  Work out to the beat of live drumming and dancing.  Thump on a djembe, dun-dun, bougarabou.  Be a dancer.  Welcome to the joy of creativity and self-expression, brought to you through African dance and drum.

Check out our website:  http://afriqueaya.org

Come on Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Eureka Springs, Bentonville.  Come on Bella Vista.  West Fork, Little Rock, AR, Joplin and Springfield, MO:  We are here!  We offer a taste of Africa, tucked into the lovely Ozark hills of the Mid-South in Mid-America.  Travel with us to the source, Mama West Africa.  Or take that trip without even leaving Northwest Arkansas.

We offer performances and classes for all ages, taught by Angelo, a true son of Africa.  His relaxed style makes it easy for all to enjoy and learn, from the basics to the most complex rhythms and moves.  “When I’m drumming and dancing, I’m happy,” Angelo says. Come on.  Be happy.  Join us.

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